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    The PET scan measures glucose levels in the body and the following restrictions are necessary.

  • 1) The CT scan uses special x-ray equipment to obtain image data from different angles around the body. When the image slices are assembled by computer, the result is a very detailed, multidimensional view of the body's interior.

  • 2) Patients should fast (no food) for at least four (4) hours prior to their appointment. However, drinking water is permitted right up to the time of the appointment.

  • 3) Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. Metal objects can affect the image, so avoid clothing with zippers and snaps.

  • 4) Contrast may be given by injection to define blood vessels and organs (kidney, liver, spleen), enema (colon) or oral (stomach, small bowel and colon).

  • 5) You may be asked to wait until the images are examined to determine if more images are needed.

  • 6) The CT scan can take from 5 minutes to 60 minutes. Injected and enema contrast require no wait for scanning. Oral contrast requires approximately 60 minutes wait prior to CT scan.

  • 7) CT scanning causes no pain, is noninvasive and accurate, identifying normal from abnormal structures.

  • 8) A Board Certified Radiologist, who is a physician, will analyze the images and send a signed report to your personal physician.

  • 9) Contraindications: This study shouldn't be performed on pregnant or breast-feeding individuals. Please inform staff or the Technologist if you are pregnant or breast-feeding (wait 24 hours).


Please download ( doc , pdf ) and print the FDG referral form, fill it out on your patients, and FAX it to us at
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