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The PET scan measures glucose levels in the body and the following restrictions are necessary.

  1. Patients are to fast (no food) for at least four (4) hours prior to their appointment. However, drinking water is permitted right up to the time of the appointment. It is preferable to be hydrated for 48 hours before the PET scan.

  2. It is preferable to avoid eating carbohydrates 24 hours before the PET scan such as bread, baked goods, candy, pasta and potatoes.

  3. Diabetic patients should call Fusion Diagnostic Group the day before the appointment. Blood sugar should be ideally at or below 120. Oral hyperglycemic medications shouldn t be taken until after your PET scan. Call 24 hours before your PET san if you inject insulin in the morning.

  4. Medications can be taken on the day of your appointment with water.

  5. Strenuous exercise should be avoided 48 hours prior to your PET scan.

  6. If you have had a CT or MRI scan, please bring copies of the pictures with you.

  7. Intravenous fluids containing glucose or TPN solution should be discontinued four (4) hours prior to the PET scan.

  8. It is preferable to wait six (6) weeks after surgery or radiation therapy to perform the PET scan.

  9. In the event that you cannot make your appointment it is necessary to inform Fusion Diagnostic Group as far in advance as possible since individual calibrated doses are shipped to us prior to your appointment.

  10. Contraindications: This study shouldn't be performed on pregnant or breast-feeding individuals.

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